Impostora January 12, 2018 Full Episode

Impostora is a 2017 Philippine television drama series that premiered on hopetvph Network on July 3, 2017.Nimfa was born with a disfigured face.She meets Dr. Jeremy Soriano, a talented plastic surgeon. With a desire to escape her past, Nimfa agreed for plastic surgery.Nimfa now posing as Rosette discovers what an awful person the real Rosette is. She now must pay for all the damage the real Rosette has done to all the people around her. When Homer separates with Rosette, the evil lady will now become the new impostor as she will wreak havoc the happy lives of the Saavedra family and seeks the affection and wealth of Home. Nimfa became an unwilling double, an impostor, and must take the place of Rosette, while the real Rosette and Jeremy will be leaving the country and will have the time of their lives through the money they stole from Rosette's husband, Homer.Nimfa del Prado-Saavedra - She is a loving and caring but also a strong-willed fighter.Rosette Villaroman / Rosario Margaret Cuevas - She is a formidable villainess. Rafael Rosell as Homer Saavedra / Alcantara - A kind hearted and loving husband and father ot his children.

Impostora January 12, 2018 Full Episode

Impostora PART 1

Impostora PART 2

Impostora PART 3

Impostora PART 4

Impostora PART 5

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