Kambal Karibal January 12, 2018


Kambal Karibal January 12, 2018
Kambal, Karibal is a Philippine television drama series broadcast by Hopetvph. Starring Bianca Umali and Kyline Alcantara in the title role, it premiered on November 27, 2017.

 Bianca Umali as Crisanta "Crisan" Bautista / Veronica Enriquez Magpantay - The protagonist, she is the real daughter of Geraldine.Kyline Alcantara as Cristina Generoso Magpantay / Cheska Enriquez De Villa / Criselda - The series antagonist, she is the fake daughter of Geraldine.

It tells the story of twins Crisanta and Criselda.However, their close bond will start to fall apart when they both fall in love with Diego. Now that she is “alive”, she is stopping at nothing to take both her mother’s affection and Diego’s love..

Kambal, Karibal PART 1

Kambal, Karibal PART 2

Kambal, Karibal PART 3

Kambal, Karibal PART 4

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